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Quality Assurance and Outsourcing Solutions

Short Term or Part-Time Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Companies that wish to comply with best practices, gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, and/or maintain high quality standards, look to outsourcing to achieve their objectives. Quality functions such as internal auditing, testing and verification, and supplier audits are regularly outsourced.

Why Outsource?

Cost Effectiveness

A primary reason why a company may choose to outsource its internal auditing function is that it will be more cost-effective. A company must weigh the financial aspects of training and maintaining in-house personnel against what the future might hold for the company such as changing priorities for the employees, or the scope of the job. Although an external auditor may be more expensive by the hour, when one considers the costs of training and maintaining an internal auditor, the costs of the external resource can be lower overall, and the quality can be at least as good as an internal resource

Ongoing QMS Compliance Knowledge

Quality assurance tasks are often added to the responsibilities of personnel who do not have the knowledge or experience to handle them. As a result, regulatory compliance and ongoing quality system improvements may not receive the attention they require. This can lead to potentially negative and costly consequences.

Pro QC’s Outsourcing Services Include:

  • Temporary full time, part time or “as needed” consulting for QMS compliance and regulatory affairs
  • Audits of your quality management system or a supplier’s quality system
  • Review of corrective actions and recommendations for resolution


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